Established in 2017 under the name of Motive Café, from its inception, our flavored coffees were very popular.After a two-year hiatus, our coffees are making a strong comeback under the name ABSOLUTELY ... Why did you choose this name? Quite simply because our coffees and caramels are Absolutely ... Different, Absolutely ... natural and Absolutely ... Delicious!

Our coffees and caramels are prepared in Quebec from top quality foods from Quebec manufacturers. Froughly roasted and n100% natural, there is no need to add ultra caloric syrups in order to obtain a flavorful flavored coffee. The idea is to add your mixture to your water and you have flavored homemade coffee quickly with no complications and no additional purchases. On vacation, at the office, with friends, you will have your specialty coffee without complicated preparation.

Try them accompanied by our soft and tasty caramels also made with fresh products from Quebec and selected with care.